Offshore Development

What is offshore development?

It is a contract development method that mainly utilizes overseas companies and resources for development work such as software, web systems, and applications. You can develop systems and applications without hiring costs!
Now that the shortage of human resources in IT is a problem, when engineers are needed continuously or when the company’s resources are insufficient, offshore development, which forms a team for a certain period of time instead of hiring, is very pleasing in terms of cost efficiency.

If you have any of these problems

  • I want to develop my own systems and applications while keeping development
    and hiring costs down.
  • Not enough engineers.
  • I have no knowledge of development and would like to request development.
  • Don’t want to hire for short-term projects

Please contact BPOTech.

BPOTech gives out flexible proposal
base on customer’s request

Long-term contract Contract type
Contract form A model in which a customer-dedicated development team with a skill set that matches the customer’s request is organized and developed for a fixed monthly fee. Contract for work
  • Be able to form an excellent development team in just one week
  • Be able to changes in specifications and team sizes quickly
  • Easy to manage development costs
  • Easy to get desired final product
  • Strictly follow development schedule while maintaining the best

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Offshore Development

In the past, offshore development was generally associated with system development.
Offshore development is now available for almost all digital productions, and BPOTech also supports a wide range of operations.

  • Website development

  • Webservice

  • Application

  • EC site development


Abundant development experience

Based on over 10 years of development and web system development experience , we will deliver speedy and high-quality web system construction service.

One-stop development

As a business partner, we support our customers with a consistent service lineup, from project requirements definition to design, construction, maintenance/operation, and infrastructure linkage.

  • Reduce
    working hours
    Reduce development effort by utilizing our proprietary technology!
  • High quality Experience gap analysis to provide high quality products!
  • Cost reduction Reduce management costs!

Strong infrastructure

We have engineers with experience from architecture design to construction, and many staff members with experience in AWS cloud

Development environment

Development language Framework Database Platform

Corresponding field

  • WEBシステム一般

    Web system

  • 業務システム

    Business system

  • サービスシステム開発

    Service system

  • システム運用・保守

    System operation/

  • マッチングシステム

    Matching system

App Development

BPOTech has extensive experience in developing applications for iPhone and Android in a wide range of industries, including business efficiency, medical care, education, finance, restaurants, media, and services. Please entrust us with application development using the latest trends and the latest technology, from planning to design, development, and operation.

Development achievements

Utilizing our extensive development experience and accumulated knowledge, we will strive to improve user evaluations by devising UI and UX to increase the added value of smartphone apps.

Proposal of the latest technology according to the trend

At BPOTech, we always catch up on OS update information, terminal information, development languages, and the latest technology trends, and make development proposals.

Full support system

You can rest assured that we will also support you with administrative support such as questions about the management screen, store support at the time of application, support for OS version upgrades and so on.

Development environment

Development language Framework

Field of expertise

  • Business application

    Business application

  • Booking app

    Booking app

  • Matching app

    Matching app

  • Map app

    Map app

  • Education app

    Education app